S37: Panel - Audit Logs Offer New Insights into Care Processes and Outcomes

2:00 PM–3:30 PM Nov 16, 2020 (US - Eastern)



Abstract: EHR systems generate log data, which can be productively employed to improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of care processes and outcomes. There is growing consensus on the value of EHR log data and the need for consistent approaches to working with them, including methods and measures. Following highly successful AMIA panels – the first in 2018 that introduced audit log data and its potential uses, and the second in 2019 that described approaches to achieve consistent methods and measures, our panel will present an initial cohort of leading-edge, large-scale projects using audit log data to tackle timely health system performance challenges. Projects were selected to illustrate how audit log data can support a range of research topics and methods. The panel will also feature a discussant-led conversation about the opportunities, limitations, and methodological challenges emerging from real-world applications of these data. The learning objectives for this panel include: increasing awareness of the value of EHR log data for answering various clinical informatics and clinical research questions, understanding new methodological guidance for how to use these data in a research setting, and understanding the remaining domains in which community-led work could improve the quality and efficiency of EHR log data research.

Learning Objective: To identify study methods and measures that leverage EHR audit logs to provide insights into care processes and outcomes


Julia Adler-Milstein (Presenter)

Christian Rose (Presenter)
Stanford University

Michael Wang (Presenter)

Michelle Hribar (Presenter)

Adam Rule (Presenter)

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